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Chastity Project offers two clubs for students to promote chastity: Fuse (for high school students) and Cell 91 (college students). The mission of both clubs is to create a sexual revolution of purity.

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Keeping Prom Pure

I sat in front of the woman, my heart dropping with her words. She recounted to me the distrust and immorality that she experienced in her group of “friends.” As this woman told me about the wild party her group threw on prom night just a few months earlier, I could hear the regret in her voice. I wished that someone had helped this woman make different choices—because I could see that she was hurt. Prom may only take place on one night, but the effects of it will make an impact. Thinking back to my own prom night four years ago, I remember how full of joy I was.



Mi Respuesta a Invitaciones a Reuniones Gay

Si alguna vez has sido invitado a participar en un evento del orgullo gay o invitado a “gustar” una pagina del orgullo gay en Facebook, que has hecho? Debido a que me siento atraído por personas del mismo sexo, siempre me llegan invitaciones de ese tipo. Por ello he estado rezando para responder amorosamente, sin así llegar a comprometer mi fe. Tengo amigos que están bien involucrados con movimientos de LGBTQ, y se que en sus corazones ellos están convencidos de que están haciendo lo correcto. He aprendido a quedarme callado y a no expresar nada en mi pared de Facebook para así estar en paz. Admito que parte de esta decisión es pura cobardía.

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