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Chastity Project offers two clubs for students to promote chastity: Fuse (for high school students) and Cell 91 (college students). The mission of both clubs is to create a sexual revolution of purity.

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bad guy

Is he Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong?

Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether or not the person that we ladies spend all of our time thinking about, texting, and/or crushing on will actually be good for us in the long run. If a guy is handsome, charming, and smells nice… chances are we don’t mind his 300 other girlfriends, the questionable way that he never texts back, or his possible criminal record. I mean, I understand that he has a gorgeous smile but there are more things to consider here. A nice smile doesn’t mean much when you want to have a heart to heart conversation about your faith or something that means a lot to you.



The Gaze of the Beloved

Am I seen for what I am, or who I am? Recently, I had a long, conversation with a friend about her relationship with her boyfriend. She was concerned because she felt that he was seeing her as an object rather than an equal. After pondering this concern more, I realized that we as human beings (but especially women) tend to see ourselves exactly how we wish not to be seen by others. We look in the mirror, and the eyes staring back judge us for what we are (how attractive, beautiful, intellectual etc.) rather than who we are (children made in the image of God). Ultimately, we crave the gaze of the Beloved. We crave to be admired.


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Who is Saint John Paul II? There are countless ways to study Saint John Paul the Great, but the most direct route is by entering the man’s heart. Read more...

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