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Chastity Project offers two clubs for students to promote chastity: Fuse (for high school students) and Cell 91 (college students). The mission of both clubs is to create a sexual revolution of purity.

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You Are Enough.

You are enough. We all too often forget how powerful these three little words can be in our daily lives. How often do you hear these words throughout your day? Almost never. Instead, we find ourselves glancing in dismay at the bathroom mirror, our vision clouded by what we want to see rather than the beauty of God’s creation before us. Or maybe we stare hopelessly at another man or woman we deem to look or be better than ourselves because of what they have that we wish we did. Why is it that we seek to compare, to change, and to perfect? We treat our own bodies as if they are broken.



How to use the Bible to Pray For Your Future (or Current) Spouse

Praying for my future spouse was one of the keys to my decision to stay pure as a teen. Ultimately, years later we discovered that my decision to dedicate myself to these prayers coincided with the date of the spontaneous conversion of my Husband-To-Be. A few years ago during a speaking engagement, a woman asked how I pray for my husband now. [Insert awkward bumbling shuffle here] It’s great how sometimes the Holy Spirit communicates by calling me out in front of a room full of people. Thankfully I got back in the saddle along with my Bible and prayer journal. I developed a fail-proof, practical plan for praying Scripture over my husband.


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