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Sloth and the Restless Heart

Sloth and the Restless Heart

People typically think of sloth as simply “laziness,” a lack of a serious work Read more...

Gender Theory and Loving Yourself

Gender Theory and Loving Yourself

I’ve been reading a lot about gender lately, and more often than not, I Read more...

Dating (and breaking up) with Virtue

Dating (and breaking up) with Virtue

Slingshots Remember the story of David and Goliath?

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Sep 28Chris StefanickWisconsin
Sep 29-30Christopher WestNashotah, WI
Oct 01Sarah SwaffordHubertus, WI
Oct 03-05Jason EvertPark River, ND
Oct 05Chris StefanickComber, Ontario
Oct 11-13Jason EvertWoodbury, MN
Oct 12-13Sarah SwaffordMcSherrystown, PA
Oct 16Matt FraddCumming, GA
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Love or Lust

Jason and Crystalina Evert

Faith, Family, & Football

Phillip Rivers

Women Made New

Women Made New

10 Myths About Pornography

Matt Fradd

Homosexuality and the Church

Daniel Mattson

How to Give a Chastity Talk

Jason Evert

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