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Chastity Project offers two clubs for students to promote chastity: Fuse (for high school students) and Cell 91 (college students). The mission of both clubs is to create a sexual revolution of purity.

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Sunset praise

The Feminine Genius

What does it mean to be a woman? This is a question that has plagued my mind since I was a child. I remember being told all the things that make you a woman—from changes in your body to changes in the types of clothing you wear to changes in your manners. Being a woman was always considered to be a big deal. As I’ve grown older, however, I’ve come to learn that there is far more to being a woman than just changes in your body, clothing, and manners. There is an essence of femininity that is unique and specific to all women. That essence is what John Paul II would call the “feminine genius.



Don’t Open Your Presents Before Christmas

In 1994, there was no choice but to wait. I remember how the world was rocked when a new technology began to shorten the distance between people, making communication easier and more instant. Three words changed everything: Dial-Up Internet. Oh yeah, I have vivid memories of waiting just a few short minutes to connect to the World Wide Web. The shrieking sounds that blared from a machine that weighed twice as much as me were hardly annoying… they were exhilarating. Information, electronic mail, frogger, and finally another development: mp3 downloads. Mind.Blown. Gone were the days of waiting for your favorite song to come on the radio so you could hit “record” on your tape deck.


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