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Remain Calm: The Victory of Marriage Comes Through Its Crucifixion


Notice whom Christ is raising from the dead here in this classic icon of Easter Sunday: it’s the first married couple. Marriage has been under attack since the beginning. It’s nothing new. And Christ always raises it up. In light of last week’s Supreme Court decision, which effectively legalized same-sex “marriage” nationwide, it may seem like marriage is facing unweatherable storms, Read more…

Male and Female He Created Them


Nowadays, it seems as if there’s more confusion than ever as to what it means to be made male and female. Our creation as such, and the call of the two to become “one flesh” is not merely a metaphor for Christ’s relationship to us. As St. John Paul II affirmed, it’s the foundational way in which that eternal mystery Read more…

Christmas and the Glory of the Female Body


In the midst of a world that continually pornifies and desecrates the female body, it is powerfully healing and redemptive to recognize that Christmas celebrates the ultimate glory of a woman’s body. Mary reveals what that ultimate glory is: God comes to us through woman’s body! To recognize woman’s body as the “portal” through which Eternity enters time, through which the Read more…