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Con velo… Por amor a los ángeles.


Hace unos cuantos años, el sacerdote que concelebró en mi boda (el padre Louis Solcia) me sugirió que hiciera algo que no he hecho desde el día en que me casé: llevar velo en la iglesia. Siempre he considerado el velo como una tradición pasada de moda, reservada a ancianas piadosas. Para ser sincera, lo primero que pensé fue: “De Read more…

Four Secrets to Sexual Healing


I’ve always said that it’s possible to start over, regardless of the past. But what does that mean? It’s one thing to decide to start over, but it’s another thing to figure out what to do with the effects of the past. You don’t just hear a riveting chastity talk and sign a fresh purity commitment card, and then everything Read more…

Veiled . . . for the sake of the angels


Several years ago, the priest who concelebrated my wedding (Fr. Louis Solcia) suggested that I do something that I hadn’t done since the day I became a bride: wear a veil in church. I had always considered the veil to be an outdated tradition, reserved for pious elderly women. To be frank, my first thought was, “No way. What will Read more…