Mother-Teresa“Dear Dr. Mango, Today Jesus relives His Passion in so many who need the help of mental health professionals loyal to Christ and to the Holy Father. Let us thank God for all the good he is able to do through you… Be sure of my prayers for you and all who work with you.”

- Blessed Mother Teresa of Calctutta

“Dr. Mango is eminently qualified to speak on the subject of the psychology and theology of masculinity and femininity. His vast experience as a Catholic psychotherapist together with his grasp of John Paul II’s teaching on the anthropological view of the human person make him an expert on the subject. He has served the Metropolitan Tribunal of the Archdiocese of New York as an expert witness in marriage cases as well as other confidential matters. Dr. Mango has an engaging personality and is in my opinion is an outstanding choice as a speaker for any event promoting the Church’s teaching on chastity.”

- Very Reverend Richard L. Welch, C.Ss.R., J.C.D. Judicial Vicar, Archdiocese of New York

“Dr. Philip Mango is a very experienced and sound Catholic psychotherapist.  He is also a fine, entertaining speaker on important contemporary topics. His special expertise is on sexuality & chastity, men & true masculinity, women & genuine femininity. He has a knack for getting to the heart of an issue without any politically correct cant. He will challenge you in the best sense; highly recommended.”

- Paul C. Vitz, Ph. D., Professor/Senior Scholar, Institute for the Psychological Sciences, Professor Emeritus, New York University

“It is a great privilege and honor to reflect and affirm the good work that I have witnessed and the character of Dr. Mango. As a Parochial Vicar of a large parish and chaplain to the campus ministry at a public university it is a great consolation to have someone like Dr. Mango who is reliable and clear in his understanding of psychology, therapy and the human person. He is a man of dedication to the entire person he is helping.  As a priest I have found that there is a major difference between therapists who want to make you feel better, compared to therapists who desire to make you a better person. There has been miraculous transformations with the persons and families I have referred to him. This is not due to his knowledge of psychology or therapy, though he is certainly knowledgeable, but is due to his biggest attribute. Dr. Mango is a man of faith.  From the very beginning I have been impressed with his faithfulness and how it is integrated into each aspect of his life. I have always been impressed how faith proceeds in every action he takes whether it be implicit or explicit.  This is seen by the overall fruit of his work and attitude; joyfulness. In public speaking he provides a clear message marked with depth, humor and familiarity.  In the talks I have heard him give he has a way of integrating all his strengths while providing a clear message that is digestible to the mind and heart of any person in the congregation or audience.”

- Rev. David Regan

“Dr. Mango is a man who is well qualified as a psychotherapist and psychodiagnostician and as a man of prayer.  He has been very helpful in distinguishing between mental illness and demonic activity.  I know him as a compassionate, benign, kindly and professionally equipped doctor in healing mental illness.”

- Monsignor John Esseff, Diocese of Scranton

“During my 35 years of professional experience as a psychiatrist and clinical psychologist, I can state without any doubt that Dr. Philip Mango is the best psychotherapist and seminar leader I have ever known. I frequently observed his character, particularly his genuine courage, love, mercy, and mental toughness. I have also observed the positive effects these qualities have on others. He is deeply respected and loved by his patients and professional colleagues. He has a profound sense of humor that he successfully uses in therapy and on stage.  His wisdom and psychological insights are highly needed and praised. Mother Teresa trusted him completely as they worked on very difficult psychological situations with the poor for several years before her death.”

- Thomas McLaughlin, M.D., Ph.D.

“We have known Dr. Mango for many years and he has both personally and professionally been a tremendous gift to our Community. Dr. Mango is a devout Catholic, who serves and works in the heart of the Church and her teaching. Over the years we have been very edified by his expertise in Psychology and keen insights into the human person. He has presided over many formation days for our younger Friars and has been available for expert advice and evaluation when it was needed. Dr. Mango brings a full package to those he serves as it is clear he loves the Lord, is devoted to the Catholic Church, is at the top of his field, and personally brings a joy filled attitude and witness to his life and service.”

- Fr. Mariusz Casimir Koch, CFR, Community Superior of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal