pmangoDr. Philip Mango is a Board Certified and licensed psychotherapist, and is the President of St. Michael’s Institute for the Psychological Sciences. The Institute integrates authentic discoveries in neurology, psychiatry, and psychology with Catholic anthropology, and provides treatment for individuals, couples, and families.

Dr. Mango is a member of the Catholic Medical Association and taught the Neurobiology and Psychology of Gender Differences and the Psychology of Marriage at the JPII Institute for Marriage and Family Studies in Washington, DC. He is also the founder of Warrior Brothers, which is a manhood development movement focused on the physical, psychological and spiritual development of Catholic men as leaders, protectors, defenders and lovers of their wives, children, the Church, and society. He has appeared on EWTN and Catholic radio, and is a frequent speaker at conferences internationally.

For several years, Dr. Mango worked closely with Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, and provided counseling for the Missionaries of Charity Sisters. He serves as a mental health evaluator for the New York Metropolitan Tribunal and provides mental health evaluation for women seeking entrance into the Sisters of Life. He lives in New York with his wife and three children.

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Event Types

The Male Heart

Dr. Mango reveals the depths of the male heart by exploring neurological and psychological research as well as God’s plan for masculinity. The seminar addresses the essence of masculinity, how it develops, how it is wounded, and how it is powerfully restored. This extremely practical seminar uses powerfully positive exercises and is well loved by males of all ages. This seminar is ideal for men’s groups, marriages, and marriage preparation programs.

The Female Heart

Dr. Mango reveals the depths of the female heart by uniting state-of-the-art research in neurology, biology and psychology as well as God’s plan for womanhood. The seminar explores the essence of femininity, how it develops, how it is wounded and how it is powerfully restored. The powerful effect, for example of the father-daughter relationship, is explored in depth. This seminar is ideal for women’s groups, as well as marriage and pre-marriage programs.

The Family of Origin

This is a full day seminar focused on how the family of origin strengthens us, wounds us and what we, as adults, can do to heal. At present, we have extremely high divorce rate and most people are no longer marrying but instead are living together. Dr. Mango brings real hope to this situation. This seminar will deeply explore the complex reality of childhood and adolescence and how these affect our adult lives. Powerful movies, psychological exercises, and Eucharistic Adoration will have a life-transforming effect.

Sexual Longing in a Confused World

Dr. Mango deeply explores the intense desires, longings and needs each of us experiences. Our hunger to love and be loved and our need for meaning are with us every day. This seminar brings together neurobiology, psychology and theology plus films and powerful exercises. Overwhelming sexual pressure, pornography, immodesty and contempt for healthy sexuality is all around us. Our sins, weaknesses, confusions cry out to God for his mercy and it is always generously given. Dr. Mango provides a profound analysis of masculinity and femininity and shows how chaste people, married or single, are truly masculine and feminine.

Healing Painful Marriages

Dr. Mango brings together state-of-the-art research in neurology and psychology with his many years experience with numerous couples in counseling. This seminar is extremely practical using exercises, insights, and spirituality for the deepest healing of individuals and marriages. The causes of pain are deeply explored and the realities that heal are brought to light.